If not living on the edge,You are taking too much space. 





今までの生活に満足している人はどれだけいるのだろう? 資本主義が世界全体を覆い尽くす一方で、貧富の差はますます拡大し、世界第3位と言う経済大国の日本に暮らしながらも深刻な貧困に脅かされている人が溢れるこの現状、企業の奴隷として感染のリスクがあるのを承知の上で、狂気の満員電車に揺られ会社に向かう毎日、そしてお金でしかその生活をキープすることが出来ないそもそものシステム。その事をどれだけの人が真剣に考えたことがあるのだろうか。






Turning your orbit around

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The world is now facing an unprecedented period of change. Who could have predicted a world in which an unknown virus called Covid-19 forced them to live a self-restrained life that no one had ever experienced.

However, this event is a concrete form of what I have imagined in my head so far, for those who keep trying their best to keep on exploring their lifestyle and thinking about it. It was the signal of the start.

How many people are satisfied with their lives so far? While capitalism is covering the entire world, the gap between rich and poor is widening, and people living in Japan, the world’s third-largest economy, are being threatened by severe poverty.  the system can only keep its life every day by going to the work by a crazy crowded train. How many people have taken that seriously?

By 2030, Japan will be a country in which nearly one-third of the population is occupied by elderly people aged 65 and over. At that time, the population between the ages of 15 and 65 that supports this country will drop to 60%, and 1.8 person will support 1 elderly person. This is the future after only 11 years.

No one can predict how the technological developments that have transformed our lives in just 10 years will change the future just 11 years from now.

What are you waiting for, Utopia or Destopia, which will arrive at the end of technological development?

What we are going to write on this page, and what we are going to leave behind, is to live in the nostalgia of the mothership of the earth, which we feel we must leave from our lives to the next generation. It is various know-how to carry out.

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