「Collaboration with Gary International begins with surfing.」

Mr Kawabe is a true surfer and a professional angler as you all know. Mr Kazuyuki of Katsuura Local and My friend Mr T connected the encounter with Mr Kawabe.


写真:T氏と河辺氏アフターサーフのチボリにて。photo:Mr T and Mr Kawabe at tivoLi surf shop.

Surfing and fishing, when these two things intersect, are always a good connection. Mr Kawabe is a tough man who has reached his 60th birthday and still change into a wet suit, paddle out, surf a one or two hour round, then practice the next fishing game and go out night together.


I love fishing and surfing since I was a kid, but these two people have deeply engaged in surfing and fishing for sure. The story of the collaboration with Gary begins with through surfing naturally.

勿論釣りは子供の頃から嗜んでいたけどホントこの二人に深みに嵌められました笑 なんでコラボレーションの話もホント自然な成り行きで自分がGaryのロゴいじらせてもらえるなんてから始まりお前の作ってる服着たいよっていう様な会話から始まりました。

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