NALU magazineにお誘い頂き’突発的四国巡礼旅’なんて記事で掲載されています。
NALU magazine invites me to “Sudden Shikoku Journey”.

四国海部 アッくん、レキ、言わずと知れた千葉公平さん。公平さんには若い頃からお世話になってます。皆相変らず良いサーフィンしてました
Arrived in Shikoku Kaifu. Ah-kun, Reki, Mr Kohei Chiba. Mr. Kohei who has been taking care of me since I was young. Everyone was surfing as good as ever

朝はしっかり、何本かチューブメイクして、サンセットタイムをフィンレスでグライドしてるなんて本当にサーフィンライフのお手本。波の無い時はきっと空冷のポルシェをグライドさせてる。ホントカッコいい先輩ですIt’s really a good example of surfing life to make some tubes in the morning and glide sunset time with fin less board and When there are no waves,surely glide with air-cooled Porsche. Mr. Kohei shows the everything.

Of course, the dormitory is a tent

This sky. So the dormitory is a tent

We Met such a wonderful scenery. Local respect is absolute

If you run further, it is an unmanned sand bar. A session with us alone

Tomo Kimizuka who traveled together this time

A town of Takamatsu where you must stop by when you go to Shikoku. Please go to this Restaurant  ‘Ofukuro’

FACES`s Narisan  who surf  and ride motorcycle together. He always take care of me lol I can not stop quit traveling because of these encounter. The reality is that I really want to travel more, but not so much. Looking for the next place to move. In the next Shikoku, with motorcycle for sure.


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